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Excess or Unwanted Hair

The human body is almost entirely covered by hair. The two distinct types of hair are vellus hairs (fine hairs) and terminal hairs (typically much darker and thicker). For many individuals, facial and body hair can be difficult to manage especially when it occurs in unwanted areas. 

The Main Causes


Hirsutism refers to an excess of hair growth that occurs amongst men and women on parts of the body where the hair is usually absent or minimal. The typical manifestation is a male pattern of hair growth categorised by darker, and thicker hair strands. 

It can be caused by an overproduction of androgens, male sex hormones, or due to the hair follicles being sensitive to these hormones. Fluctuating levels of these hormones can also result in hirsutism. Certain skin types and ethnic groups are more prone to be troubled by hirsutism.  


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that directly affects the menstrual cycle. It is characterised by high or fluctuating levels of androgens, in the body often resulting in the irregularity of periods. This hormonal imbalance can result in hirsutism which is a prevalent factor of the disorder.

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