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Concerning Excess Body Fat

Excess body fat is a common concern among different demographics of people. Aside from cosmetic concern, it can indicate abnormalities in the body and even increase the risk of other disease and health problems. Body fat can increase due to a variety of factors most commonly genetic, behavioural, metabolic and hormonal factors.

What Causes Excess Body Fat?

Genetic and familial influences

Genetics can play a massive role in fat storage as genes can influence how the body does this. It can also play a part in how the body converts fat to energy, how it regulates the appetite and how calories are burnt during exercise. 

Poor Lifestyle habits

Lifestyle habits are one of the most significant factors that influence how body fat is stored. A poor lifestyle can encourage an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical activity, both of which can significantly contribute to fat storage.  

Disease and medication

Often, certain diseases can result in weight gain due to hormonal imbalance and overall decreased metabolic activity. Likewise, side effects of some medications can result in weight gain and fluid retention, altering the overall body shape. 


Weight gain and body fat increase are very common during pregnancy as the body accommodates the growing foetus. Often, post-partum that weight is difficult to lose and can develop into more long-term weight gain.

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